31st Dec 2014

The anouncement of the accepted abstract has been made. Please be advised to check your email. Should you have further questions, please do not hesistate to contact us via email to and indicate your ICPEU Paper ID which is listed above.

31st Dec 2014

We have a problem to contact authors with Paper ID listed below

1 2015-TKD-01-005-0017(ABSTRACT ACCEPTED) The Green Tower: Future Skyscraper Modelling Technology With Application Of 7 Alternative Electrical Energy Resources (Renewable Energy) Located In Seashore Ahmad febri Firmansah,Rizky Nafiar,Rafiandi
2 2015-TKD-01-001-0043(ABSTRACT ACCEPTED) Trenggalek Microhydro for Transportation (TMT) Masterplan Concept Combining Microhydro Renewable Power Generation with Enviromental-friendly Cable Car for Easiness in Trenggalek’s Transportation Rizky Nafiar Rafiandi,Ahmad Febri Firmansah
3 2015-TKD-02-010-0049(ABSTRACT ACCEPTED) BB-TECH Bottle Building Technology, Floating House Concept Modeling Utilizing Waste Plastic Bottles Aulia Rahman,Rizky Nafiar Rafiandi,Ahmad Febri Firmansah
4 2015-TKD-03-015-0072(ABSTRACT ACCEPTED) The Effect of Combined Flow Over Weir and Under Sluice Gate to Bed Channel Configuration Nina Bariroh Rustiati,Denik Sri Krisnayani,Very Dermawan
5 2015-TKD-01-003-0070(ABSTRACT ACCEPTED) Commodities Strategy Development Vegetables Irfan Affandi,Dina Prihatini
6 2015-TKD-01-003-0055(ABSTRACT ACCEPTED) Eco-spirituality Values and Islamic Sustainable Development: Ethnographical Studies of Organic Shrimp Farmers in Sidoarjo Eko Asmanto
7 2015-TKD-03-011-0034(ABSTRACT ACCEPTED) Comparation Study on Changing Function of Heritage Building in Netherland and Indonesia Edy Darmawan,Mahmudah Sukma Suci
8 2015-TKD-03-012-0006(ABSTRACT ACCEPTED) Development of Land Use and Land Cover Areas of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province around 10 Years after the Tsunami Disaster Tatu Rizkia
9 2015-TKD-02-010-0052(ABSTRACT ACCEPTED) Community-Based Approach As A Strategy For Sustainable Urban Development Ahmad Reza Shirvani Dastgerdi

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1st Jan 2015

Please be aware about your extended abstract and full paper’s format. Only abstract and full paper with correct format that will be published in the proceedings, so if your extended abstract still doesn’t match with ICPEU’s abstract format, please revise your abstract, and resend the abstract with the correct format together with your full paper.  Thank you.

10th Jan 2015

This is the information about the abstract which selected, please kindly to check this post. You can also check in your email about the anouncement of the accepted abstract. It has been sent to your email.


If your paper listed, please be aware about this IMPORTANT DATES :

  • Fee and payment max on: January 20th, 2015    January 31th, 2015
  • Send the Registration Form, payment receipt, authors participant’s full name and the speaker and  max on : January 12th, 2015   (January 21th, 2015-Extension)   ( January 31th, 2015-Extension)
  • Final Submission for Full Paper : January 21th, 2015   February 6th, 2015 (Extension)  February 12th, 2015 (Extension) NEW


Be aware about full paper’s new deadline, after that date (February 12th, 2015) there will be no extension anymore.  Please send your final full paper with the correct format of this conference and also please send your power point together with your full paper to  Please kindly to add a slide on the first page of your power point, the full name of all authors that contributed to your paper, and give a information who will be a presenter of your paper in this conference. If you confused, you can see the example bellow.


Wahyu Ramadhan (Presenter)

Oktavia Altika (Author)

Eva Astari (Author)

Thank you for your attention



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